Theorizing Homophobias in the Caribbean

The Caribbean Region of the International Resource Network has just launched Theorizing Homophobias in the Caribbean: Complexities of Place, Desire and Belonging, a digital multimedia collection of activist reports, creative writing, critical essays, film, interviews, music, and visual and performance art reflecting the complexities of homophobias in the Caribbean, while also expanding understanding of Caribbean sexual minority experiences and activism in the region and its diaspora.

It can be found at
There is a complex range of viewpoints and attitudes that must be accounted for in our defining of homophobias, and this collection aims to give a platform to some of those perspectives. It was created by the Caribbean Region of the International Resource Network (

The site was edited by Rosamond S. King, Angelique V. Nixon, Natalie Bennett, Colin Robinson, and Vidyaratha Kissoon and features work by
– Zahra Airall – Short Story (Antigua and Barbuda)
– Ewan Atkinson – Visual Art (Barbados)
– Larry Chang (JGFM & J-FLAG) – Interview with Thomas Glave (Jamaica/USA)
– Sekou Charles & Colin Robinson – Film and Poem (Trinidad and Tobago)
– Charmaine Crawford – Critical Essay (Barbados)
– Fred Cronard – Interview (Martinique)
– Maria Govan and Kareem Mortimer – Interview (The Bahamas)
– Lawrence Graham-Brown – Performance Art (Jamaica/United States)
– Erin Greene (Rainbow Alliance) – Activist Report & Interview (The
– Joanne Hillhouse – Poetry (Antigua and Barbuda)
– Rosamond S. King – Essay (Trinidad and Tobago/United States)
– Las Krudas – Music Video & Lyrics (Cuba)
– Steve Laguerre (SEROvie)- Interview (Haiti)
– Angelique V. Nixon – Essay (The Bahamas/United States)
– Carmen Oquendo-Villar – Film (Puerto Rico)
– Colin Robinson (CAISO) – Activist Report & Interview (Trinidad and
– Lawrence Scott – “Chameleon” – Short Story (Trinidad and Tobago/United
– Savannah Shange – Essay (United States)
– Joel Simpson – Interview (Guyana)
– Tieneke Sumter & Chrystabelle Beaton – Interview (Suriname)
– Suriname Men United – Activist Report (Suriname)
– Rodell Warner – Visual Art (Trinidad and Tobago)

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