Best Caribbean Island Beer from Caribbean Travel Magazine

The editors of Caribbean Travel Magazine  have compiled a list of the best Caribbean beers, matching them with the perfect food accompaniment. This is what they write:

The Caribbean isn’t Bavaria, and though the region’s many indigenous brews (this roundup is hardly comprehensive) may not necessarily rank as great beers by great-beer standards, ice-cold, each one surely is the best possible companion to the iconic island foods of its homeland.

Virgin Islands Beer (USVI)
Drink with: Barbecue chicken and ribs with corn on the cob at Uncle Joe’s BBQ, on St. John.

Wadadli (Antigua)
Drink with: Grilled red snapper with fries and fresh local veggies at OJ’s near Crab Hill.

Turk’s Head (Turks and Caicos)
Drink with: Conch salad at Bay Bistro, in the Sibonne Beach Hotel on Provo.


Drink with: Carne asada at LA 27th on Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles.


Drink with: Tequila fish tacos at Zamas’ Que Fresco in Tulum.

Sands (Bahamas)
Drink with: Conch fritters at Bruno’s in the Fish Fry on Arawak Cay.

Red Stripe (Jamaica)
Drink with: Jerk chicken with roasted breadfruit and festival at Pimentos, near Montego Bay.

Prestige (Haiti)
Drink with: Griot (pork) with rice and beans at Le Soleil on 10th Ave. in New York City.

Presidente (Dominican Republic)

Drink with: Cangrejo guisado (fresh crab in a tangy brown sauce) at Meson d’Bari in Santo Domingo.

Imperial (Costa Rica)
Costa Rica

Drink with: Seafood platter with rice and beans at Miss Junie in Tortuguero Village.

Carib (Trinidad and Tobago)
Drink with: Bake and shark at Richard’s on Maracas Beach.

Banks (Barbados)

Drink with: Fried flying-fish sandwich with cou-cou from Mustor’s in Bridgetown.

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6 thoughts on “Best Caribbean Island Beer from Caribbean Travel Magazine

    1. I fully agree with you. Kubulis should be on this list. I would add Kubuli with the fish soup at Pearl’s Cuisine in Roseau.


  1. From the list available here only Presidente and Red Stripe have been available in PR, both pass me test. Not mentioned and worthy a try, from Mexico: Modelo, Dos XX, both are remarkable above the average status symbol beer from that country.

    Let the record show that beer should not be bottled in transparent glass. Sun and heat destroys quality. That explains why 9 out of ten are available in brown or green glass.


  2. Is there some kind of political, economic or personal bias in this listing? The two places that you (it would seem) wouldn’t want to be caught dead in drinking their beer are two of the most abused and impoverished places in the whole of the Caribbean: (Nicaragua ~ only drink their beer in LA; Haiti ~ don’t go to that poor, cholera-infected place, drink their beer in NY, NY). Well, Laa-Dee-Daa.
    While WorldWide Cruise Line’s Caribbean Cruise Game Cards give vignettes about a multitude of different Caribbean islands, and a few might reflect some occasionally ugly economic and political realities, that is because the game is an educational exercise and tries to portray the realities of the whole region from a true perspective to illustrate these points.
    This throw-away article, (about local beers!) is a slap in the face to two of the most vulnerable and discriminated against places in the region ~ two Caribbean destinations which need every visitor who arrives on their shores; preferably visitors with a social or economic agenda, not just beer drinkers, though the two are not necessarily mutually exclusive.


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