Barbados Crop Over: Edwin Yearwood Wins “Tune of the Crop” Title

Barbados’ Nation News reports that singer Edwin Yearwood, also known as the soca “General,” has won the Tune of The Crop title for the sixth time. Yearwood’s “Cova De Road” was the song most played by bands during Monday’s Grand Kadooment, when revelers “jumped” from Warrens to Spring Garden.

Yearwood, who is the lead singer for Krosfyah, described his win as fantastic, then went on to explain that, “at the end of the day it was all about producing music and his band trying to be as consistent as possible.” He explained, “And I think this year that we have been able to do that in a major way. [It is] not just about the winning, but we have been able to stand up and have a beautiful album and represent what we believe in, which is beautiful music [and] beautiful melodies; so I thought we did a fantastic job in terms of that.”

[For more information on Barbados’ Crop Over, see previous post The Barbados Crop Over.]

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