Haiti prepares for flooding from Tropical Storm Emily

Kim I. Hartman has offered this digest of recent reports on Tropical Storm Emily’s threat to Haiti for digitaaljournal.com.

Tropical Storm Emily left Puerto Rico flooded and is now aimed at Haiti and the Dominican Republic.
Haitian authorities are preparing to evacuate thousands of people who are still living in tents and temporary structures following last year’s earthquake. Tropical Storm Emily continues to track through the Caribbean at 14 mph bringing with it sustained winds of 50 mph and heavy rains, which caused severe flooding inPuerto Rico where the storm just brushed the island.

In Haiti authorities are urging residents to conserve food and water and safeguard heir belongings as Emily approaches. Haiti has yet to recover from the devastating earthquake that hit the country in 2010, leaving almost almost a million people still without homes.

Accuweather meterologist Violeta Yas said , Haiti’s  biggest concern from the loosely organized storm will be flooding and mudslides. Associated Press reports, “Haitian emergency authorities set aside a fleet of 22 large white buses in the event they  needed to evacuate people from flooded areas. Emergency workers would then bus the people to dozens of schools, churches and other buildings that will serve as shelters.”

Tropical Storm Emily aims forHaitiand theDominican Republic.

“We’re working day and night to be able to respond quickly in case we have any disasters,” Marie Alta Jean-Baptiste, director of Haiti’s Civil Protection Agency told AP.

Tropical Storm Warnings have been in effect in the Caribbean for Puerto Rico, Viequez, Culebra, The Dominican Republic, Haiti, Southeast Bahamas and Turks
and Caicos Islands since Tuesday morning.

Emily is expected to continue to turn toward the northwest threatening the east coast
of Florida by Saturday. The Weather Channel reported the storm still has a chance to become a hurricane after it leaves the islands and moves back over open water.
For the original report go to http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/309884#ixzz1U1Ws47vu

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