Dominica Times profiles Lennox Honychurch as he wins Sabga Award

Dominica’s historian and social scientist Lennox Honychurch, the recipient of the Anthony N. Sabga Caribbean Award for Excellence (see post below), was profiled by Edward Lestrade in the Dominica Times to mark the award, which carries a stipend of $500,000 . Since I can’t think of anyone more worthy, I wanted to include the brief profile here.  In addition to his many accomplishments, Lennox is marked by an unparalleled generosity of spirit. Since I have been the beneficiary of this generosity—my biography of Phyllis Shand Allfrey could not have been written without his selfless input and commitment—I want to join in congratulating him on the receipt of this well-deserved award.

Here is Mr Lestrade’s profile:

Lennox was born in Dominica in 1952 and attended the St. Mary’s Academy secondary school. I attended the school with him and knew him then as one of the most popular, participative and studious members of the school.

Later on in life, Lennox won a scholarship to Oxford University and there he gained a D.Phil (Doctor of Philosophy) at the University’s  St. Hughes’ College. Thereafter, he could have gone anywhere in the world to further his career, but instead,  chose to return to his cherished island home country of Dominica, which he has served tirelessly and with great enthusiasm for all of his life thus far.

I met Lennox a few years ago in his birth town of Portsmouth where he was lecturing overseas student on the rich cultural heritage of Dominica. Then, his enthusiasm and eloquence in respect to all matters concerning Dominica were visible aspects of his delivery and had kept his audience practically spell-bound.

Lennox, in his acceptance speech, is quoted by DA Vibes newspaper as saying that instead of choosing to emigrate to more developed countries: “to wake at 6 am, in the cold, and then to take the subway in New York, or the Tube in London, to get to work”, Caribbean people should, like him, opt to stay at home to realise, as he has done, the potential of their islands.

 Lennox has authored many books, of which: ‘The Caribbean People’ is the most popular in the region.

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