NY1 Reviews Négritude at Exit Art


NY1 (New York One), the New York City cable news station, has reviewed the Négritude exibit at the Exit Art gallery. Négritude, an experimental multi-disciplinary exhibition, explores the visionary 20th century political and artistic movement of the same name — coined by the Martinican poet, playwright, and politician Aimé Césaire in the 1930s — which flourished among Black intellectuals in post-World War I Paris and later spread to Africa, the United States and the Caribbean. [See our earlier post Négritude, an experimental multi-disciplinary exhibition at Exit Art in NYC for more details.]

The review from NY1 is mostly descriptive, but the video (accessible through the link below), walks you through the exhibit, which gives you a sense of its visual impact in case you are interested but unable to make it to New York.

For the video go to http://www.ny1.com/content/ny1_living/99619/exhibit-measures-black-movement-in-island-increments/Default.aspx

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