Grace Jones Turns 75

In “Grace Jones Turns 75: Ten Moments from Her Iconic Music, Film and Modeling Career,” Michael Nattoo (DancehallMag) reviews 10 of the films and music videos that helped make Grace Jones a pioneering icon: A View To Kill (1985), Nightclubbing (1981), A One Man Show (1982), Bloodlight and Bami (2017), Conan The Destroyer (1984), the clip where she is “Slapping Talk Show Host Russell Harty Live and On-Air After He Turned His Back on Her,” Slave to the Rhythm (1985), Pull Up to the Bumper (1981), I’ve Seen That Face Before (Libertango), and Vamp (1986). Read the article at DancehallMag for the full descriptions, photos, and videos.

While every bit deserved, calling Grace Jones an icon may not do enough to highlight her wild and pioneering impact. From tempestuous love stories – such as her relationship with Dolph Lundgren, which ended after she showed up to his LA hotel room waving a gun, to igniting life-changing revolutions that inspired countless artists to embrace their authentic selves, Jones has stood as a beacon for change on every front. 

With her androgynous image and otherworldly fashion sense, bolstered by a fierce yet self-aware spirit of rebellion, the Jamaican trailblazer continues to live on the edge of adventure with an incredible lust for life. 

Today, as she celebrates her 75th birthday, we take a nostalgic look through ten outstanding moments that encapsulate the brilliance and enduring influence of Grace Jones—the visionary, who not only redefined artistry, but paved the way for generations to come. [. . .]

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