Art Exhibition: Natalia Sánchez’s “Ningún lugar”

The opening for Natalia Sánchez’s solo exhibition “Ningún lugar” [No Place] will take place on Saturday, December 10, 2022, at 7:00pm at El Kilometro (Calle Cerra 619, 2nd Floor, San Juan, Puerto Rico). 

Description: For the past several years up-and-coming artist Natalia Sánchez has developed a discursive journey in the field of painting that explores how spaces for coexistence are conceived.

The idea of architecture in its utopian and dystopian expressions are a counterpoint to develop a solid body of work that, dissatisfied with realities, invites us to question and explore the idea of the urban environment. A pragmatic look is woven into the artist’s imagination where her compositions seem to weave solutions to the failed idea of our Caribbean modernism.

The exhibition titled “Ningún lugar” [No Place] makes us think or rethink all those places where a history and/or a memory that is no longer there was once housed…

…and may suggest a question, “Will we be able to imagine?”

[Translation by Ivette Romero.]

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