The Puerto Rican Mango (Anthracothorax aurulentus)

The Puerto Rican Ornithological Society [Sociedad Ornitológica de Puertorriqueña, Inc (SOPI)] recently announced that Puerto Rico officially has a new endemic hummingbird: Zumbador Dorado. Previously known as Antillean Mango, it will now be called the Puerto Rican Mango (Anthracothorax aurulentus) in Puerto Rico, and in Hispaniola, it will be called the Hispaniolan Mango (Anthracothorax dominicus).

That’s right, the “American Birding Association” has already published a summary of the new taxonomic supplement of the AOS. One of the proposals for taxonomic changes accepted for this year was the Zumbador Dorado [Anthracothorax aurulentus, previously known in English as the Antillean Mango], which is only found in Puerto Rico and Hispaniola.

Both populations, among other things, show a different coloration in males, and the tail in females is different. When the recommendation is accepted, it brings our number of official endemics to 18.

The English name changes from Antillean Mango to Puerto Rican Mango and the scientific name to Anthracothorax aurulentus. In Spanish it will continue to be Zumbador Dorado.

You can see the summary of the supplement >>here<<.

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[Photo above by Alfredo Irizarry.]

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