New Book: “I-Roy”

A new book about the late Jamaican deejay I-Roy (Roy Samuel Reid, 1944-1999) is now available for purchase (see link below). The book looks at various facets of I-Roy’s artistic career with contributions by David Bousquet, James Danino, Eric Doumerc, and Michael Turner. The book includes “D.J. Choice: The Jamaican Deejay Tradition” (Eric Doumerc), “Musical Shark Attack: A General Overview of I-Roy’s Career” (Eric Doumerc), “The Most Exclusive Extraordinary Sounds:  Listening to I-Roy’s Singles” (Michael Turner), “I-Roy’s Coco-macca Stick” (James Danino), “Head to Head Clash: The Great Musical War Between I-Roy and Prince Jazzbo” (David Bousquet), and “Don’t Check Me with No Lightweight Stuff: I-Roy’s Spoken Introductions” (Eric Doumerc), among other sections.

Description: The prolific and talented Jamaican deejay, I-ROY (Roy Samuel Reid 1942-1999) enjoyed a hugely successful recording career in the 1970s but died of heart failure relatively young after two decades of declining health and output. Belated recognition has come following the selection of his song ‘Sidewalk Killer’ to feature in the 2004 video game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. This timely re-appraisal reviews his life’s work and achievements in sound and lyrics. For more information, see

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