Kia Redman and Pascale Faublas in Conversation (Le Centre d’Art)

Today, Thursday, June 16, 2022, at 4:00pm (EST) Le Centre d’Art [The Art Center] invites you to follow a virtual chat with Barbadian videographer Kia Redman, and Haitian painter Pascale Faublas. The discussant for this event is Barbadian artist and writer Katherine Kennedy.

Kia Redman, the only videographer in the Résidence Croisée program, completed her residency at Le Centre d’Art, in Port-au-Prince, in March 2020.

Pascale Faublas, an artist who devotes a large part of her work to women, completed her residency at Fresh Milk, in Barbados, in November 2020.

To register, go to Zoom link:

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