This is to inform you of an exhibition—sponsored by Derby West Indian Community Association (DWICA)—that is currently on at the Derby Museum and Arts Gallery until September 4, 2022, at the Derby Museum and Art Gallery (1 The Strand, Derby, England).

The exhibition dives into the heritage of Derby West Indian Community Association (DWICA), including Windrush generation memories and the experiences of younger members growing up in Derby. It explores how the Association has positively responded to challenges over six decades, to support its local community, building a legacy in the city through its many social, cultural, educational, and sporting achievements. The exhibition celebrates the vibrancy and spirit of Derby Caribbean Carnival and the year-long local, national and international connections and collaborations that make this highlight of Derby’s cultural calendar possible. This exhibition is part of The Centre that Powers the Road, a 12-month project exploring the heritage of DWICA, ensuring the history of the Association, and Derby Caribbean Carnival, is better looked after, more accessible and understood. In partnership with Derby Museums, the project will create an important archive for the city documenting the building of a community from the 1950s and the continued vital work of the Association today.

[Image above: Carnival Queens Sam Hudson, Alice Burton and Charlene Stephenson, Derby Caribbean Carnival 2012 © Soshain Bali Photography.]

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