Daniel Lind-Ramos: Las Tres Marías

A new exhibition, “Daniel Lind-Ramos: Las Tres Marías,” recently opened at the Sarasota Art Museum. The exhibition runs from April 2 to August 7, 2022.

Description: The name María has various meanings. Depending on the language and context, María can mean both of the “sea,” (Latin; mare) and “rebellious” (Hebrew; Miryam). For the people of Puerto Rico, this duality is deeply understood.

On September 20, 2017, Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico. Its winds were vicious, upwards of 115-mph, its thunder, rattling, and its rains, torrential. As a result, the Island experienced 84 days without power, 68 days without water, 41 days without cell service, and 4,600 lives lost. With no access to electricity, people on the Island were completely detached from reality—not knowing when the storm would end, how severe the damage was, and when, or if, to expect help.

The artwork of Daniel Lind-Ramos (b. 1953, Puerto Rico) recalls these experiences through collected objects from the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, as well as items given to him by members of his town, Loíza. Through the combination of organic and industrial materials, Las Tres Marías echo the experiential elements of the hurricane—wind, rain, thunder, and lightning— as well as the detrimental impact of Hurricane Maria that is still visible on the Island and felt in its collective consciousness.

But rather than resting on this fear and loss, Lind-Ramos’ Las Tres Marías recall Puerto Rico’s resiliency—a resiliency that feels ancient and core to the Island’s identity, as a people who have endured colonialism, cultural erasure, and catastrophe for the last 500 years but have proved time again that the power of survival lies in community. While each of Lind-Ramos’ Marías has a unique appearance and meaning, they unite as a constellation of these histories, memories, and lived experiences.

[Shown above: 1) “María Guabancex 2018-2022,” Assemblage. 2) Installation view of Daniel Lind-Ramos: Las Tres Marías. Photos by Ryan Gamma.]

For more photos of the Lind-Ramos exhibition, see https://www.sarasotaartmuseum.org/daniel-lind-ramos/

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