Mac Donald Dixon’s A Scream in the Shadows

A Scream in the Shadows

by Mac Donald Dixon

Crime fiction

“In triumphantly transposing the whodunit detective story to the sleepy villages of rural St Lucia, Dixon’s novel shines light on gender-based violence and shows how those shadows blight generations.”


“Convincingly rooted in a Caribbean landscape, this is a welcome addition to a glaringly under-exploited genre in Caribbean writing.”


Papillote Press announces the forthcoming publication of A Scream in the Shadows by Mac Donald Dixon, a writer from St Lucia. Set in a Caribbean landscape far from the tourists’ gaze, this is a compelling read where everyday life fuels violence and lies. It’s a murder mystery with powerful insights into a disturbing reality.

A young girl is murdered on a Caribbean island. Her step-father is arrested. But did he do it? While the accused languishes in jail – without trial – his son joins the police force to clear his father’s name.

But a culture of secrecy and official corruption block the young detective’s search for the truth.

It is a death far from paradise.

In A Scream in the Shadows,” says Mac Donald Dixon, “I wanted to draw attention to the evils of our society: domestic violence and sexual abuse and also a broken legal system which believes that family matters are private. My novel uses the backdrop of a rural village in St Lucia but it could be anywhere in the Caribbean.”

Mac Donald Dixon was born and educated in St Lucia, in the eastern Caribbean. He has been a banker and consultant as well as a playwright, poet and publisher. He lives in St Lucia. This is his first crime novel.

Papillote Press

For further information please contact Polly Pattullo at

23 Rozel Road, London SW4 0EY UK Trafalgar, Dominica tel: 767 295 1563


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