Glow-in-the-dark dollar coin goes into rotation in Barbados

Kerri Gooding (Loop Barbados) writes that Barbados’ special limited edition painted dollar coin can glow in the dark. The commemorative coin has been released in honor of essential workers and their valued work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The commemorative coin was revealed in an online ceremony at 8:05 pm, under the theme ‘Let’s Glow Barbados’. Prime Minister Mia Mottley said that the commemorative coin has been released in honour of essential workers to show that we “appreciate and value” their work during COVID-19 lockdown and post-lockdown. She told Barbadians every time they handle the new coin they should think of the frontline workers.

The painted coin set to go into circulation is a first for Barbados and the region and it was done in collaboration with the Royal Canadian Mint. President and Chief Executive Officer of the Royal Canadian Mint, Marie Lemay said that there is “a long, proud history of collaboration” between the Mint and the Central Bank of Barbados, and together they created this “beautiful” coin.

According to the Deputy Director of Currency at the Central Bank of Barbados, Octavia Gibson the coin is special and it was done with special people in mind. 

Host for the online and televised launch, Patrick ‘Salt’ Bellamy said that the coin is expected to go into circulation from December 1.

Prime Minister Mottley said that the idea for a commemorative coin was tabled for We Gathering 2020 but when COVID-19 came, the Central Bank suggested that it could be what she called “a tiny token of appreciation.” She said that the Bank thought of saluting a different category of Barbadians and specialists, those who demonstrated significant sacrifice, more than anyone else during this COVID-19 fight.

Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados Cleviston Haynes said that he does not usually encourage persons to keep coins but on this occasion, he will shift from discouraging the practice in relation to the new dollar. Instead, he told people to keep at least one and think of the essential workers each time. Haynes commended the staff at the Central Bank especially those whose roles did not allow for them to work from home during the lockdown. He said that the frontline workers of Barbados stood up, stood out and excelled. [. . .]

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