Five iconic waterfalls of the Caribbean


Loop-Caribbean News shares descriptions and photos of five iconic waterfalls of the Caribbean, focusing on Dunns River Falls (Jamaica, shown above), Diamond Falls (St. Lucia), Charcos Falls (Dominican Republic), El Nicho Falls (Cuba), and Kaieteur Falls (Guyana).

The Caribbean’s forests are filled with beautiful animals and flowering plants. Hidden among these spectacular sites are breathtaking waterfalls which continue to shape the countries’ landscapes. Here are five iconic waterfalls of the Caribbean:

Dunns River Falls

Located in Northern Jamaica, Dunns River Falls is the island’s most popular and iconic waterfall. The falls are 55 meters (m) high that comprises of a series of terraces that takes spring water down a hillside and empties into the Caribbean Sea at the western end of a white-sand beach. bThere are several tour groups that offer tourists a chance to climb the rock face and soak in the calcium-rich water. It takes just under two hours for people to complete the trail. An interesting fact about the Dunn’s fall is that it continuously repairs itself due to the minerals in the water.

Diamond Falls

Diamond Falls is located in a Botanical Gardens in Soufriere, St Lucia. This waterfall gets its name from the colourful changes to the rock face as sulphur, copper sulphate, magnesium, iron, manganese and calcium levels in the water fluctuate throughout the year. Diamond Falls is 17m high and water that flows down the fall is a mixture of rainwater and runoff from a sulphur spring for the volcano. The area is a haven for wild birds throughout the year.

Charcos Falls 

Charcos are a series of waterfalls found in the northern coast of the Dominican Republic. The falls are carved out of limestone caves by water from the Rio Damajagua as it flows into the sea. It is quickly becoming a must-see destination for people visiting the nearby hotspot of Puerto Plata. At its highest point, the falls is around 13m.

El Nicho Falls: Cuba 

El Nicho Falls is a series of waterfalls located near Cienfuegos, Cuba. The falls receives its flow from the Sierra del Escambray Mountain Range and the Hanabanilla River. The highest peak of EL Nicho is 30m. The falls is also home to a number of birds and endemic plants.

Kaieteur Falls

Guyana’s Kaieteur Falls is the world’s largest single-drop waterfall. Every second, 663 cubic metres of water plunge down the 251m drop of the Kaieteur fall. Kaieteur gets its water from the Potaro River, which flows from Mount Ayanganna. The fall is one of Guyana’s most popular attractions and has been featured in a series of movies and documentaries.

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