Caribbean Revealed As Most Popular Zoom Background


A report from South Florida Caribbean News.

According to Google data, the most popular Zoom background destination is the Caribbean, whilst safari backgrounds are the most popular travel landscape

With the effect of coronavirus meaning that vacation plans have had to be postponed, a lot of us are missing the ability to explore the world.

It’s perhaps unsurprising then that many people are using video calls as an opportunity to virtually travel, with vacation-style Zoom backgrounds seeing a huge 9,900% increase in searches according to Google Trends data.

 Kuoni delved into the search data to discover which destinations and landscapes are currently seeing the largest surge in popularity for virtual backgrounds.

With its beautiful beaches and sparkling waters, it may come as no surprise that the Caribbean is the most popular Zoom background right now – seeing a whopping 9,900% increase in searches. The data shows that long-haul destinations are the favourites, with just Sweden making it into the top five from Europe.

Most Popular Zoom Background Destinations 

  1. Caribbean +9,900%
  2. =Australia +9,800%
  3. =Maldives +9,800%
  4. =Vietnam +9,700%
  5. =New Zealand +9,700%
  6. =Sweden +9,700%
  7. Philippines +8,800%
  8. =Canada +8,500%
  9. =Brazil +8,500%
  10. USA +8,100%
  11. Ireland +7,200%
  12. India +6,500%
  13. Portugal +5,000%
  14. Spain +4,900%

When looking at vacation types, such as dramatic mountain scenes or serene waterfalls, it’s safari backdrops that are currently the most popular followed by mountain views and cityscapes.

According to Google data, the most popular Zoom background destination is the Caribbean, whilst safari backgrounds are the most popular travel landscape

Most Popular Zoom Background Landscapes 

  1. Safari +9,900%
  2. Mountain +9,800%
  3. Cityscape +8,100%
  4. Beach +7,800%
  5. Waterfall +6,600%
  6. Sea +6,400%
  7. Rainforest +5,000%
  8. Field +4,000%
  9. Desert +3,200%
  10. Lake +1,500%

Noticing the increase in demand, and anecdotally hearing of people using their destination imagery as video call backgrounds, luxury travel company Kuoni has released a select set of images and video to be used as Zoom backgrounds.

Kuoni has made 14 backgrounds available, 12 images and two dynamic videos, that reflect some of their most popular destinations. From Bangkok cityscapes to crystal-clear Caribbean waters, the collection offers a range of amazing travel landscapes.

James Nye from Kuoni comments: “Just a few days into lockdown we started to hear about people using our destination images as backgrounds to their video calls, to at least momentarily transport them to somewhere else in the world. Coupled with the increase in online searches for travel-inspired video call backgrounds, we wanted to release a collection that hopefully gives people a slice of their dream vacation whilst they’re at home. The collection includes some of our most popular destinations and we hope the range of landscapes means you can switch up the backgrounds depending on where you want your wanderlust to take you.”

T0 download all the backgrounds and for further information visit:

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