“Abrazos”: Art Exhibition and Sale in support of artist Néstor Otero


El Nuevo Día (CULTURA section) announced a special art event—“Abrazos”—that begins today, December 12, 2019, at 5:00pm, at Pública, located 1057 Ponce de León Avenue, in Santurce, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Around 89 artists will participate in the event. The special art exhibition and sale, which will go towards Otero’s recovery, will be open until Saturday at 10:00pm.

Colleagues of Puerto Rican visual artist Néstor Otero will join in a fraternal embrace [thus, the title “Abrazos”] to raise funds and help him through his recovery process. Last February, Otero suffered two small heart attacks, and his cardiovascular and respiratory system were affected, according to a press release.

In an effort to help him, interdisciplinary artists, painters, engravers, artists, sculptors, and photographers devised the collective exhibition, “Abrazos” [Hugs], to be held starting this Thursday, December 12, from 5:00pm at 10:00pm, in the Public space, located at # 1057 of Ponce de León Avenue, in Santurce. A total of 89 artists will be part of the exhibition.

Funds collected from the sale will go entirely to the recovery process of the artist, the press release said. Pieces by artists such as Néstor Barreto, Ada Bobonis, Annex Burgos, Maximo Colón, Carlos Dávila Rinaldi, Elizam Escobar, Consuelo Gotay, Ivelisse Jiménez, Rafael Rivera Rosa, and Rafael Trelles, among others, will be part of the exhibition that will remain open until Saturday. The schedule is: Friday-11:00am to 3:00pm, and Saturday-11:00am to 10:00pm.

Néstor Otero is a multidisciplinary artist, poet, writer, graphic designer, and illustrator. He has contributed to the field of visual arts and graphic design in Puerto Rico, and supported the Puerto Rican community in New York. He was an illustrator of the newspaper El Nuevo Día for 18 years, as well as for Diálogo, a newspaper housed at the University of Puerto Rico.

As a visual artist, he has received numerous awards and international awards. He has exhibited in the United States, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, representing Puerto Rico in the biennials of Havana and Sao Paulo. He was awarded an Honorable Mention at the San Juan Biennial of Latin American and Caribbean Engraving, at the Puerto Rico Polygraphic Triennial, and at the fourth Maracaibo Digital Art Hall, Maczul, in Venezuela. He also won the Gold Medal in the second Biennial of Painting of the Caribbean and Central America in the Dominican Republic.

If you wish to make a donation to this cause or obtain more information, you can call (787) 525-6135 or write to nestorotero@nestorotero.com.

Confirmed artists: Isabel Abislaiman, Ernesto Akabá, Migdalia Barens-Vera, Néstor Barreto, Ramón Berríos, Jeannette Betancourt, Johnny Betancourt, Ada Bobonis, Eric Bouchering, Nathan Budoff, Annex Burgos, Aileen Castañeda, Myritza Castillo, Javi Cintrón, Maximo Colón, Carlos Dávila Rinaldi, Gloribel Delgado, Bárbara Díaz, José Luis Díaz de Villegas, Marcos Dimas, Calin Dover Tarrats, Eric Egas, Elizam Escobar, Juan Fe, Rosario Fernández, Carmelo Fontánez, Teo Freytes, Frances Gallardo, Martín García, Domingo García, Iván Girona, Odalis Gómez, Jesús Manuel Gómez, Consuelo Gotay, Josué Guarionex, Norah Hernández, Ivelisse Jiménez, Luis Larrázabal, Yamcy Leslie, Adal Maldonado, José Marcano, Dennis Mario, Javier Martínez, Elsa María Meléndez, Jochi Melero, Héctor Méndez-Caratini, José Morales, Lillian Nieves, Javier Orfón, Fernando Páez, Marnie Pérez, Frances Picó, Linda Pintor, Ivonne Prats, Daniel Arnaldo Román, Angélica Rivera, Dhara Rivera, Gadiel Rivera, Ivette Rivera Morales, Pedro Rivera, Quintín Rivera, Rafael Rivera Rosa, Waleska Rivera, Elizabeth Magaly Robles, Roca, Edgard Rodríguez, Aby Ruiz, Linda Pintor, Ivonne Prats, José Jorge Román, Chemi Rosado, Marx Rosado, Carlos Rivera Villafañe, Aaron Salabarrías, Nelson Sambolín, Juan Sánchez, Magda Santiago, Sarabel Santos, Garvin Sierra, Roberto Silva, Carmelo Sobrino, José Soto, Awilda Sterling, Jaime Suárez, Emanuel Torres, Rafael Trelles, Nitza Tufiño, Manny Vega, Edwin Velázquez, and Víctor Vázquez.

Article translated by Ivette Romero. See the original (in Spanish) at https://www.elnuevodia.com/entretenimiento/cultura/nota/celebraneventoenapoyoalartistanestorotero-2534347/


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