Jairzinho Rozenstruik Returns Home to Jubilant Crowd


[Many thanks to Dale Battistoli for bringing this item to our attention.] The Mix reports the jubilant welcome home, “complete with song and dance,” afforded Jairzinho ‘Bigi Boi’ Rozenstruik after his latest MMA victory in the United States over an opponent from the Netherlands, Alistair Overeem, whom he knocked out. To quote Battistoli, “Rozenstruik is Suriname’s biggest sport hero since the swimmer Anthony Nesty, who won the country’s only Olympic medal, in Seoul in the 1980s. From his name (a melange of Potuguese and Dutch) to the nickname by which he is known even in the U.S. (pure Sranan Tongo), Rozenstruik is as Surinamese as you can be.” For the original article and related videos, see The Mix (great music, by the way!)

Jairzinho Rozenstruik is becoming a household name in MMA on account of his recent, jaw-dropping win over Alistair Overeem. But it looks like the feared striker is already a superstar in his native country of Suriname.

Rozenstruik receives a hero’s welcome

As you likely know, Rozenstruik buzzed the MMA world at UFC DC on Saturday, by taking out Overeem with just four seconds left in the fifth round. After the thrilling finish it was revealed that Overeem had been given all four rounds by all three judges.

Well, since then, “Bigi Boy” flew back to Suriname, and as you can see by watching the videos below, he received a massive welcome. The first video also shows crowds erupting as Rozenstruik scored his comeback win.

For original article and videos, see https://www.themix.net/2019/12/watch-jairzinho-rozenstruik-return-home-to-jubilant-crowd-after-taking-out-alistair-overeem/

Also see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MSwzWrrTnw&feature=emb_title

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