Remains of Antique Ship Surface on Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast


A report by Laura Alvarado for the Costa Rica Star.

The Costa Rican Caribbean has been experiencing high tides and the level of the sea has increased in the past few weeks to the point that it has even put at risk some hotels, restaurants and houses and the intervention of the Municipality’s machinery was necessary to create small dams; this phenomenon could have been what brought the remains of an antique ship to the surface in the area of Playa Grande, Punta Uva, Limon.

Personnel from Punta Uva Dive Center were able to photograph the different parts of the ship. According to specialists from the Community Diving Centers Ambassadors of the Ocean, the parts could belong to the Daisy Gray, constructed in 1936 and that was abandoned by its crew in 1954 while traveling from Honduras to Cuba.

The remains found seem to be part of the hull of a wooden ship which show nails of close to 30 centimeters (11.8”)


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