Ex-pro Trini basketballer Kibwe Trim launches book today


A report from Trinidad’s Newsday.

Trinidadian-born former professional basketballer Kibwe Trim will launch his first book at his alma mater St Mary’s College on Pembroke Street in Port of Spain, from 10.30 am, today.

Trim said he has always held a burning desire to encourage young people to see their dreams realised despite whatever is their situation.

With this desire, his DreamChaser International Foundation was born. This book is intended for people of all ages and walks of life. It is also for adults who are looking for a source of inspiration or encouragement in their daily lives. It tells the story of a young boy from the Caribbean who fought against all odds and used basketball as the tool to firstly obtain an education, and to subsequently explore a whole new world of opportunities. It teaches, young people especially, to be disciplined, dedicated and determined in chasing their dreams and going after the things that they want to achieve.

The underlying goal of the writer is to let the audience know that anything is possible, and that where there is a will, there is always a way. After reading this book, he believes the reader will be rejuvenated and inspired and will become aware that they have the power to control their destinies. Whether it be in sports, arts, entertainment, academia, or a specific career path, with the right mindset and the right work ethic, anything is achievable, he said.

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