Forthcoming Work: Peter Polack’s “Jamaica: Land of Film”


Cambridge Scholars Publishing has acquired the rights to publish the definitive reference book Jamaica: Land of Film by Jamaican author Peter Polack. Jamaica: Land of Film will provide a historical record for a century of film production in Jamaica starting with the epic 1916 production, A Daughter of the Gods.

Peter Polack was born in Jamaica in 1958 where he attended Jamaica College until 1972, when he went to Denstone College boarding school in England. He is a proud graduate of the University of the West Indies and Norman Manley Law School. Whilst at UWI he was co-founder of the Amnesty International campus group and a member of the Union of Democratic Students. A criminal lawyer in the Cayman Islands since 1983, he resides there with his wife, two daughters and a granddaughter. He was a former rapporteur of the International Bar Association, Co-Founder and first Treasurer Caymanian Bar Association. Experiences with youthful offenders led to the exhibit of his first work as an artist entitled The Confinement Assemblage which was displayed at the Cayman Islands National Gallery in May 2013. The exhibit is now on permanent display at HM Prison Northward in the Cayman Islands.

He is the author of Last Hot Battle of the Cold War published by Casemate in 2013. The South African rights to his book were acquired by 30 Degrees of Durban, South Africa in 2015. The Portuguese edition of the book will be published by Chiado Editora of Lisbon, Portugal under the title Preto Stalingrado or Black Stalingrad at the end of 2016. He was a contributor to the Encyclopedia of Warfare, recently published by Amber Books, and his most recent article, “Syria: The Evolution Revolution” was published in the U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center magazine. In 2014 he became a part time reporter for Reuters News Agency mainly reporting on the Cuban refugee crisis in the Cayman Islands.

[Photo above by Monique Polack.]

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