Monumental Art at Ponce’s Plaza del Caribe


In Puerto Rico, Ponce artist Wichie Torres and Antonio Martorell (now Ponce-based), were commissioned by Plaza del Caribe Shopping Mall to create a unique work that reflects local elements of the region: the carnival theme in Torres’s work of Torres, and Ponce’s iconic ceiba tree in the work of Martorell.

Torres explained, “My work, including vejigantes and pleneros (plena musicians) celebrating, makes reference to the southern region; [. . .] my proposal reflects a traditional view of our Ponce, a scene that has been kept alive for years in the traditions of our people.”

Martorell specified that, through this work, the public can see a version of the work as if it were taking flight. “These are images to be viewed from above. They may be seen and enjoyed from any viewing angle [. . .]”

The works of both artists will be reproduced in two large medallions measuring 12 and 13 feet in diameter, respectively, in the Central Atrium. The pieces are being created based on small pieces of terrazzo in different colors, which join together, give life to the designs.

Translated from the Spanish language original at

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