Los Van Van to Perform in Peru and Canada


Los Van Van, one of Cuba’s top pop bands, will perform in the month of June in the National Stadium of Lima, Peru, and from June 18 to 22, in Canada.

On the 18th, Van Van will stage a performance in the Montreal Festival International Les Nuits d Afrique, and will then put on shows on the 19th at the Festival International d Été du Québec and on the 22nd in Toronto, within the framework of the 17th Pan Am Games.

On May 31st, the popular Cuban band wrapped up, together with other acts, the 2015 edition of the Fiestas del Pitic in the historic center of Hermosillo, Mexico.

Van Van, led by Samuel Formell, brought down the house with such smash hits as Permiso que llegó Van Van, Soy añejo, Después de todo, La keratina, Soy todo, Este amor que se mueve and a potpourri that celebrates the 45th anniversary of its foundation.

The so-called train of Cuban music now targets dancers in Lima and Canada, especially with songs contained in the band’s latest CD entitled La Fantasía, a compilation of greatest hits and other new tunes penned by several songwriters. La Fantasía, the first CD produced by the band with Samuel Formell at the helm, is a tribute to maestro Juan Formell, the leader of the band till his passing a year ago. Some of the cuts in this new album include Me basta con pensar, Se vende, Es mucho, El aparecido and La Fantasía, the CD’s title song.

Just another tribute to maestro Formell is the album entitled Eterno Formell, produced by the Bis Music Record label run by ARTEX. This is a compilation of blockbusters written by Juan Formell for the Van Van and performed by a number of Cuban artists. [. . .]

For full article, see http://www.caribbeannewsdigital.com/en/noticia/los-van-van-performing-lima-canada

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