Art Exhibition: “Por la libre 2”


I am very sorry to have missed the opening for the major collective exhibition “Por la libre 2,” which took place last night at the Museum of the Americas in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. This historic show gathers 72 artists who have been actively working in Puerto Rico from the sixties to the present. These artists, from different parts of the country, have greatly contributed to cultural life of the island and have represented it on a national and international scale. Joining this group are two guest artists from Chile and Portugal. This great event is dedicated to the artistic trajectory of Carlos Irizarry. “Por la libre 2” is not to be missed.

The participating artists in this event are: Gustavo Adolfo, Marcos Alegría, Luis Alonso, Sergio Arocho, Emilia Barrientos, Rene Benvenutti, Annex Burgos, Alex Chellew, Cecilio Colón-Guzmán, Rito Cordero, Osvaldo De Jesús, Barbara Díaz Tapia, Eluard Dobal, Dafne Elvira, Elizam Escobar, Humberto Figueroa, Carmelo Fontánez, Teo Freytes, Frances Gallardo, Martín García-Rivera, Roxana Gata, Iván Girona, Carlos Irizarry, Luis Ivorra, Felipe Jiménez Marcel, Ivelisse Jiménez, Charles Juhasz, Marta Lahens, Haydee Landing, Daniel Lind, Wanda López, Lizette Lugo, Luis Maisonet, Adal Maldonado, Dennis Mario, Antonio Martorell, Omar Medina, Joserramón Melendes, José A. Miranda, Isabel Monteiro, Carla Negrón, Juan Negroni, María Antonia Ordoñez, Howard Orsini, Luis Pastrana, María Elena Perales, Marta Mabel Pérez, Ivonne Prats, Nora Quintero, Rubén Ríos, Ana Rosa Rivera, Angélica Rivera, Carlos Rivera, Quintín Rivera Toro, Rafael Rivera Rosa, Vanessa Rivera, David Rodríguez Francis, Andrés Rodríguez Santos, Sofía Rodríguez, José Rosa, Alexander Rosado, Aby Ruiz, Orlando Salgado, Nelson Sambolín, Carlos Santiago, Gustavo Santiago, Irmaris Santiago, Alex Serrano, Jorge Sierra, Yván Silén, Admin Torres, Rafi Trelles, Rafael Tufiño II, and Orlando Vallejo.

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