Film: Jeremy Whittaker’s “Destiny”


Cecelia Campbell-Livingston writes that Jeremy Whittaker’s film Destiny is doing well at the box office since its debut in Jamaica last week.

“We have noted that the support and word of mouth have been very good,” Melanie Graham, marketing manager of The Palace Amusement Company, told the Jamaica Observer.

Jeremy-Whittaker_8536The Jamaica-born Whittaker said he is pleased with the feedback he has been getting. “There is always a character in the movie that someone can relate to,” he said.

Destiny follows the character Lisa Collen (played by Jamaica-born, Canada-based Karian Sang) who visits Jamaica from Toronto to sell her family’s estate. She gets involved with Sean, a recording artiste (played by Chris Martin), and reconnects with her family.

The movie, which was filmed in Jamaica with additional footage shot in Canada, also stars several local personalities including Kerstin Whittaker, Munair Zacca, female dancehall artistes Grace ‘Spice’ Hamilton and Latifa ‘Tifa’ Brown, Ian ‘Ity’ Ellis, and Khadine ‘Miss Kitty’ Hylton.

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