Theater: Laura de la Uz’ “Reality Show,” Shows the Everyday Life of a Creative Woman in Cuba


Yeneily García García interviewed Laura de la Uz, who says that “life for a creative woman in Cuba is not perfect,” but that makes it all the more enriching. Cuban actress Laura de la Uz was recently acclaimed for her one-woman theatrical piece, “Reality Show.” García writes:

When they proposed to her closing the Festival Ellas Crean, Laura de la Uz did not think twice. ‘It was one of those intuitive moments I sometimes get and I said yes right away,’ said the winner of two ‘Coral’ awards for Best Female Performance at the Festival of New Latin American Cinema in Havana. ‘Can you do it?’ And I said yes. ‘Do you have anything ready?’ And I said no. I didn’t think twice, I have many things to say, as a woman, as an artist, and I had long dreamed of doing a one-woman show.’

[. . .] The idea of a work that would allow her to show the everyday life of a creative woman, in this case an actress, combined well with what Laura wanted to tell: as close to real life as theatrical language could allow.

[. . .] The intention was to show how life is for a woman who creates, and I loved it because it has a lot to do with what I wanted, which was a bit to tell my story. My things, what has happened to me, what I think, who I am, and I went home and immediately wrote dramatic plot line of the show and, gradually, there emerged a structure that had to do with a kind of tribute to music and women who have inspired great themes in the musical history of this country . . . all that, mixed in with my daily life, she said.

Following the codes of reality TV, in Reality Show there were even video segments filmed earlier in her real apartment in El Vedado, in which she wakes up, drinks coffee prepared by her mom, she jogs, takes her daughter to school, returns carrying groceries from the “agro” market, huffing and puffing as she climbs the stairs in the noon heat. [. . .]

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