New Superyacht Marinas for St Kitts and Nevis in the Caribbean


St Kitts and Nevis, which Charter World calls “a fabulous Caribbean yacht charter destination,” is expected to host an increased number of superyachts with the development of two new marinas: Tamarind Cove in Nevis and Christophe Harbour in St. Kitts. Here are details:

The marinas could be ready to support a restricted amount of business by early 2015. When speaking to Yachting Pages, Rickie Browne of Serviciz commented, “Currently we have two major marinas under construction, one in St Kitts called Christophe Harbour Development and the other in Nevis under the name Tamarind Cove Marina Development. Both developments are well on their way and might be ready to do limited business at the beginning of 2015. [. . .] Both Christophe Harbour Marina in St Kitts and Tamarind Cove Marina in Nevis will be able to accommodate yachts up to 300′ (90m). I most certainly expect the number of yachts to increase when the marinas are completed and we will be seen by the yachting community as a new home for yacht owners.”

Currently, the majority of larger yachts and superyachts anchor off shore due to the lack of superyacht berthing facilities. Rickie finished, “We do have a small marina in Basseterre called Port Zante that can accommodate yachts of up to 120′ (36.5m). Unlike St Kitts, with its current limited berthing space, Nevis on the other hand currently has no marinas, so all yachts are anchored.”

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