Call for Sponsors: 2nd Bacchanal of Marionette Theater for Adults


The following description is part of a fundraising effort for the 2nd Bacchanal of Marionette Theater for Adults [II Bacanal del Títere para los Adultos] that will take place from November 16 to 23, 2014, in Havana, Cuba. Havana will host twenty-one groups that will participate in the event—fourteen national groups (from Havana, Mayabeque, Matanzas, Cienfuegos, Ciego de Ávila, Camagüey, and Guantánamo) and seven from other countries (Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela, and Italy).  

What is Bacanal?  It is a festivity, an event that propitiates the gathering among the marionettes (in any one of their diverse and infinite forms) and the adult public. The idea was conceived in Havana, in the 2011.

Why a gathering? In the sixties, Cuba had a marionette theater for adults of true excellence. Classic such as The madwoman of Chaillot, Ubu Roi, La Celestina, besides Cuban titles such as Shangó of Imá were well received by the audience, until an unfortunate policy at the beginning of the 70s dissolved this type of theater.

What do we want to do now? At this time we want to turn the attention, once again, to the theater of Animated Figures dedicated to the adult public, using all types of marionettes and puppets (shadow puppets, glove puppets, wire or string puppets, bar marionettes, body puppet, and more… because the variety of this art is infinite.)

That is why we came up with this idea of the BACANAL: a cultural space where the joy of the life, the surprise, and the game prevail and the satire and the parody are present.

The general program is organized around: 1) The presentation of puppeteer shows for the adult public in theaters in the capital as well as in outlying neighborhoods, in educational centers, production centers, and penitentiaries; 2) A thematic exhibition with a sampling of marionettes and photos of the shows; 3)  The celebration of the Puppeteer Cabaret, with the participation of brief puppeteer shows in various styles—satire, parody, surprise, and humor—accompanied by dances shows, circus numbers and the participation of musicians that works with diverse formats (the Cabaret is the space for artistic dialogue among the different arts that conform its program); 4) Creation Workshops: spaces for an exchange of knowledge and experiences coordinated by puppeteers with a vast experience and where practitioners of all levels will participate: pairing seasoned artists with students and beginners

In 2012 we carried out the first edition, with 8 participant groups: seven Cuban and one foreign. Now we want to host the second edition: II Bacanal, November 16 to 23, 2014, in Havana, Cuba. We are planning on hosting 21 theater groups: 14 Cuban and 7 foreigner, among the latter are artists from Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela and Italy.

However, the financial situation here is getting worse and it is even worse for the theater. Some national groups have no funds in their provinces to finance their trips to and from Havana. We already knew that the budget was not enough to cover lodging for all the groups during the II Bacanal.

Nevertheless, it is very touching that we have received such show of support from colleagues who reside on the island as well as from abroad. Now II Bacanal will be three times larger than the first one. For that reason, we have decided to ask for your help.

Where will your contributions go? The contributions that we receive will be dedicated to guarantee the presence in the event of the groups coming from Cuban provinces (bus fares and lodging). In numbers the cost would be like this: 1 000 Euros would guarantee the fare costs for four groups, integrated by 28 participants and 2 000 Euros would guarantee lodging for 29 participants, integrated into five groups.

Those who receive this call and decides to collaborate will be an accomplice for a dream: will ensure that this marionette festival takes place, as it has been imagined and fashioned, in Havana, this November.

Contributions and gifts (see the Verkami Crowdfunding Platform link below):

5 Euros—Our gratitude and your name in the Blog of the event, II Bacanal.

10 Euros—Our gratitude and your name in the catalog of the exhibition as a sponsor of the event

20 Euros—Our gratitude and your name at the entrance of the exhibition and a digital Poster of the II Bacanal sent by e-mail.

50 Euros—Our gratitude and your name among the first ones listed at the entrance of the exhibition and a Diploma as a sponsor sent by e-mail.

70 Euros—Our gratitude and a Diploma of Sponsorship sent by e-mail, your name in the Sponsors’ Square of Honor of the event published in the blog, three preferential seats for three of the functions of the II Bacanal, a photo next to the sculptural marionettes of Shangó of Imá, an exchange and a photo with one of the artistic groups (the last three gifts can be changed for a gallery of pictures of Shangó of Imá sent by e-mail).

100 Euros— Our gratitude and Diploma of Special Sponsorship, four preferential seats in five of the functions of the II Bacanal, an exchange and a photo with one the artistic group, a photo with your preferred Puppeteer masters or with Master José R. Fúster, and photos with your favorite marionettes.

To contribute, go to the Verkami Crowdfunding Platform here:

For more information about the project, go to and

Also see

[Many thanks to Emilio Jorge Rodríguez for bringing this item to our attention.]

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