And here’s BahamasHappy!


A post by Peter Jordens.

And here’s a Bahamian version of Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’video.

The video features two people dancing through the downtown area in Nassau, from the port, through the Straw Market, and on to Bay Street.

As RumShopRyan reports, the Bahamian video was produced by Conchboy Films and another Bahamian production company called Sky High Media. Here’s what producer Lavado Stubbs has to say: “The video is directed and written by me and cinematography was done by fellow Bahamian filmmaker Lance Knowles. We filmed it in one long take, the first take was rehearsal with the dancers and the second take was what you see there. Seeing that they were very talented dancers, it only took two takes! The dancers are two of the top dancers in the Bahamas, female dancer: Shaness Kemp and male dancer: Juice Unit. I did it not only to show the world what Bahamian filmmakers are capable of but to show the world what Caribbean filmmakers are capable of!”

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