Mott Green, Founder of Grenada Chocolate Company, Dies in Tragic Accident


Mott Green (1966-2013), founder of Grenada Chocolate Company, has died in a tragic accident.  Mott was the founder of the Grenada Chocolate Company, which creates pure Organic Chocolate in a factory located in the lush cocoa groves of Grenada’s rainforest. Reports indicate that he died of electrical shop while working to repair a piece of machinery in the rain. It is unclear whether the accident took place on May 31st or June 1st.

The incident, according to, occurred on Belmont Estate, St. Patrick, where Green has a Storehouse. It was reported that Green was at the time repairing a piece of equipment when he was shocked. This is their report:

Mott established the company in 1999 and has been pursuing his “green dreams” ever since. His was the initial visionary behind the Grenada Chocolate Company. Originally a New Yorker, he first visited the island with his physician father as a curious and imaginative 15-year old boy.

Accompanying his dad to the medical school that was located on the island, Green intently watched the pods on the lush cacao trees and eagerly learned about the rich and luscious chocolate that was produced from those pods. As Mott discovered that the plump cocoa beans grown and cultivated by skilled natives on the island were then shipped off to far away countries to be formed into chocolate bars that were distributed across the world, a dream began to sprout in the young boy’s mind. “Why couldn’t the chocolate be produced right there on the island?” he wondered. From that speculation, the sprout of a dream slowly began to take root and grow until it developed into the Grenada Chocolate Company.

Early in March 2012, Grenada’s world-renowned chocolate disembarked for the first time by sailboat across the Atlantic. From the shores of the lush rainforest and tropical island to European ports, the Tres Hombres, a 32-metre brigantine, transported the rich dark chocolate as the bars matured in the solar and wind-cooled holding area over the 6-week journey.

Mott will be deeply missed by Grenadians and the chocolate lover around the world. His friends at Belmont Estate salute him and his legacy.


His friends at Chocolate Blog paid tribute to his drive and determination:

Our heartfelt condolences go out to Mott’s family especially his mother Judith, brother Peter, and uncle and aunt Lennie and Gloria. Also to his Grenadian family notably business partner Edmond Brown, Miss Joyce, through whose hands every cocoa bean passes, and Shadel Nyack Compton at Belmont Estate without whose support and vision the whole project could never have prospered. And also to the brilliant crew at the factory and cocoa farms who will be relied on to ensure, with us, that Mott’s legacy is kept intact.

While the trinitario cocoa and chocolate produced by the Company was the winner of many accolades, few people can begin to understand the extraordinary challenges involved in making a fine chocolate on a Caribbean island (and this is chocolate which happily sits next to the very best that Europe produces) not least using antique machinery which you have converted to run on solar power.

This could only have been achieved with Mott’s extraordinary drive, determination and selflessness, and the chocolate notwithstanding, his greatest legacy will be the super-ethical model of organic chocolate production where the growers and producers are equally paid and where the normal terms of trade are reversed ensuring that it is possible to add all the value at source and bring maximum benefit to the local economy, in this case to the people of Grenada who Mott loved.

Mott’s dream of a truly sustainable tree-to-consumer organic chocolate came to fruition last year with the first shipment of 50,000 bars from Grenada to Europe on board the motor-less square-rigged sail freighter Tres Hombres, and just 2 weeks ago we were privileged to spend a few hours on board with Mott as the second annual shipment arrived at Portsmouth.

We will sorely miss a great friend and colleague.

To learn more about Grenada Chocolate Company and where you can buy their purely decadent chocolate, website –

Listen to Mott on the video below as he describes his vision and why he started Grenada Chocolate Company

Mott Green, Grenada Chocolate Company and farmers are featured in the award winning film – Nothing Like Chocolate. 

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One thought on “Mott Green, Founder of Grenada Chocolate Company, Dies in Tragic Accident

  1. We feel as though this is a personal loss. On a magical trip to Grenada my husband and I wandered into the chocolate factory and loved it.

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