In the Bahamas: The All Andros Crabfest and Rake-n-Scrape Music

In the Bahamas, the world famous, annual All Andros Crabfest will take place from June 7 to 10, 2012, at Queen’s Park in Fresh Creek, on the island of Andros.

Andros is known as the land of crabs and its people are renowned for their crab-catching expertise. The advertisements exclaim, “Don’t miss this opportunity to learn the 115 ways to catch, pen, cook and eat an Andros crab.” Highlights of this event include the Crab Cultural Show, which features top Bahamian bands and solo artists; Rake-N-Scrape music; and the releasing of the crabs.

[* Rake-n-Scrape music—whereby musicians beat on the goombay drum, scrape a carpenters’ saw, and play melodious tunes on the concertina—is thought to have its roots on Cat Island and other Family Islands (islands other than Nassau). It is similar to the “rip saw” music of the Turks and Caicos Islands.]

To access Queen’s Park in Fresh Creek, Andros, you may fly from Nassau and other major towns with LeAir or catch the boat with Sealink.

For more information, call (242) 368-2286 or visit

For more on Rake-N-Scrape music, see

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