Caribbean Cinema Travel Exhibition to Tour Cuba

The 4th Caribbean Cinema Travel Exhibition will begin on May 10 in eastern Santiago de Cuba province and will tour the island until July 5, when it will arrive in this capital to be enjoyed on the screen of the Chaplin movie theater.

Cuban producer Rigoberto Lopez, president and promoter of the Exhibition, told ACN that this is one of the most significant meetings of the region, because it gets to 31 countries and overcomes the language barrier.
With the purpose of preserving the audiovisual memory of the Caribbean in all of its diversity and favor its visibility, the exhibition compiles the best of the region’s cinematography and translates it into Spanish, English and French, its official languages.
Frantz Voltaire, Norman de Palm and Bruce Paddington are some of the filmmakers that, under Lopez’s direction, have been part of the selection committee.
The present edition is dedicated to the Caribbean Diaspora, and its program includes 33 movies, between documentaries, animated films, shorts and feature films, coming, among other nations, from Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Barbados, the United States, Haiti, the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic and Cuba.
The Exhibition became a regional meeting on July 8, 2006, when its first edition was convened.
Anabel Fernandez, Communication specialist with the office in charge of the Exhibition, told ACN that on this occasion there will be other showings, like those dedicated to Haitian cinema, after the earthquake that devastated that country in January, 2010.

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