10 Dormant Volcanoes That Could Blow and Cost the Economy Billions

Gregory White, in businessinsider.com, has compiled a list of volcanic disasters waiting to happen. Among the threatening volcanoes are three in the Caribbean region: Mont Pelée in Martinique, Soufriere in St Vincent, and La Soufriére in Guadeloupe.

The latest Icelandic volcano eruption has brought back fears that the big one may just be right around the corner.

Willis Research Network has put together a list of the European and Caribbean volcanoes that could erupt with spectacular results.

Not just people would be under threat from the flow of lava and the density of ash, but residential homes as well.

The value of the payouts insurance companies estimate for those flows is also provided, and some are staggering.

Check out the volcanoes here >

For the original report go to http://www.businessinsider.com/dormant-volcano-threat-2011-5#ixzz1N8M5ZPMr

One thought on “10 Dormant Volcanoes That Could Blow and Cost the Economy Billions

  1. I’m surprised none in Waitukubli/Dominica qualified for mention, but if they’re less threatening, great. Very worrying for the islands that are mentioned.

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