HBO Acquires TV Rights to Harry Belafonte Story

“Sing Your Song,” a documentary chronicling the life and times of performer and activist Harry Belafonte, has been acquired by HBO, with exclusive television rights. Directed by Susanne Rostock, the film was presented at this year’s Sundance and Berlin Film Festivals and is scheduled to premiere in HBO in autumn of 2011. The documentary is described as exploring the provocative performer’s life with “intimacy, visual style and musical panache”.

Throughout his career, Harry Belafonte’s life reflected the civil rights movement in America. Rising to fame as a singer touring a very segregated America, Mr. Belafonte achieved a groundbreaking crossover into mainstream Hollywood. Throughout his career and life he would be a tireless activist for civil rights and social justice. Along with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., he would rally celebrities to participate in the civil rights movement. Mr. Belafonte would continue to be involved in such issues as South African apartheid, gang violence and youth incarceration in the later years of his life.

Michael Cohl, one of the producers of the film, describes HBO as “the best home I know for documentaries” in the United States. He goes on to say that he is thrilled “Sing Your Song” will have its television debut on HBO.

2 thoughts on “HBO Acquires TV Rights to Harry Belafonte Story

  1. Democracy Now! aired a fascinating interview today with Harry Belafonte, who was one of the supporters of the Freedom Rides. He talked about his own experience of being discriminated against as a performer (not just in the South), as well as his relationship with Dr. Martin Luther King and the Kennedys. I think the interview gives some intimate historical background that dovetails nicely with the material in this film. Here’s a link:

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