Cuban Graphic Artist José (Frémez) Gómez Fresquet

Yesterday, December 29, marked the birth of Cuban graphic artist José Gómez Fresquet (1939-2007). Better known as Frémez, he is considered to be one of the most talented Cuban graphic artists, known for a vast corpus of avantgarde work pervaded by experimentation and the ideals of social justice. He was the winner of the National Prize for Fine Arts in 2005.

He worked as a graphic designer and art director for diverse Cuban publications, such as Temas and Artecubano. His extensive career includes his work as a cartoonist for newspapers including Revolución, La Calle, and Pitirre. Acknowledged by experts as an icon of Cuban and Latin American serigraphy, Frémez spurred lithographic techniques at the end of the 60s.

Frémez was also vice-president of the Cuban Artists and Writers Union (UNEAC). Over his long and successful career, the artist received numerous accolades in Cuba and around the world, exhibiting in over 20 countries and winning many international awards for his etchings, cartoons, political and graphic art, as well as poster art, for which he was recognized as one of Cuba’s front-running innovators.

 His serigraphic print “La modelo y la vietnamita” became a symbol of anti-imperialist resistance and later, the poster “Miss Liberty,” protested the aggressive stance of George W. Bush’s administration.

For more information on Frémez, see, in Spanish,  and in English.

Artwork–La modelo y la vietnamita and Miss Liberty–from and

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