Art Exhibition: Zinthia Vázquez Viera’s “Souvenir de un mundo fantástico”

Calling it a “must-see,” Teo Freytes (msa-xperimental) reminds us that Zinthia Vázquez Viera’s solo show “Souvenir de un mundo fantástico” [Souvenir of a fantasy world] is on view until January 12, 2011, at Guatibirí Gallery. The gallery, directed by Rubén Malavé, is located at 1003 González Street in Urbanización Santa Rita in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. The exhibition opened on December 16, 2010.

In “Souvenir de un mundo fantástico”, Vazquez Viera, who is recognized for a body of experimental graphic work, presents woodcuts and serigraphs that have been reworked with stencils and spray paint. Her work addresses the contrasts between tribal and folk cultures, highlighting social realities and global level. She experiments technically with overlays of paper and printed vinyl, using various media such as decorative paper and textiles. The iconographic play reflects on unknown and hidden realities of a consumerism that buys a glamour imbued by exotic, ethnic and cultural beauty, overshadowed by an all too real situation of misery, exploitation, and suffering. “Souvenir…” also includes interactive pieces using magnets on galvanized metal. The series offers viewers the opportunity to change reality or discover that hides behind the images. As Freytes points out, working with vivid colors and removable objects, the spectators are allowed to play a participatory role and to rearrange the works of art.

For more information please contact Mr. Malavé at (787) 250-1959. You can also write to

Souvenir de un Mundo Fantástico podrá ser visitada hasta el 12 de enero de 2011. La Galería Guatibirí está localizada en la calle González #1003 en la Urb. Santa Rita en Río Piedras. Para mayor información puede comunicarse con el Sr. Rubén Malavé al 787.250.1959. También puede escribir a

For more information, see  and

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