New Book: Les Esprits du Vodou haïtien

Educa Vision Inc. has just launched Les Esprits du Vodou haïtien [Spirits of Haitian Vodou] by Hans-W. Ackermann, MD, Maryse Gautier, and Michel-Ange Momplaisir, MD.

Written in French, Les Esprits du Vodou haïtien includes chapters on Haitian history and Vodou but focuses on providing descriptions of all Vodou spirits (lwa) and their properties as well as the first systematic translation of their names. It is primarily a catalog of the names of 2,400 lwa, about half translated from the fon, yorouba, and kikongo languages.The book is intended for reference and research by scientists in the fields of Caribbean and African studies, religion, ethnology and linguistics.
Hans-W. Ackermann is professor emeritus of microbiology, Laval University, Quebec. Born in Germany, he studied medicine in Berlin and postdoctoral work at the Pasteur Institute of Paris. He lives in Canada and has visited Haiti over 20 times, teaching medical virology at the State University in Port-au-Prince. During his visits, he began researching Haitian folklore and Voodoo, and he has published on zombiism and Vodou medicine.

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