White Puerto Rican Flag: Marta Mabel Pérez


Visual artist and photographer, Marta Mabel Pérez, integrates video and installation work to approach a current social concern, violence in Puerto Rico. The installation includes 5 white Puerto Rican flags, as symbols of peace and respect, as well as the video “Dios nos lleve confesaos” [a saying that may be roughly translated as “May God take us after having confessed (our sins)], and an installation of two flags frozen in ice blocks, representing a society frozen vis-à-vis violence and other social ills.

This installation opened as a complete project/performance on April 17 in the outdoor patio of the Museum, and will be exhibited until July 12, 2009, in the Project Library, 3rd floor, at the Puerto Rico Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC).

For more information, see http://www.museocontemporaneopr.org/exhibiciones.htm

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