Jah Mama launches with Caribbean-inspired hot sauce

A report by Sam Danley for Food Business News.

Jah Mama Sauce is a new hot sauce blend inspired by family tradition and a passion for cooking.

Founder Jahphet Landis, a record producer known professionally as Roofeeo, created the sauce by fusing the flavors of select scotch bonnet peppers with a blend of Caribbean-inspired spices. A hint of sweetness from dates helps offset the heat.

The gluten-free, vegan-friendly hot sauce may be used to add a kick to a wide range of dishes, from typical Latin Caribbean fare like coconut rice and peas, breakfast foods such as eggs and avocado toast, to lo-mein and fried rice, Mr. Landis said.

“Growing up, my family had ‘pepper sauce’ with almost every meal,” he said. “It was a staple in our kitchen and the foundational flavor in my family’s cooking. I was inspired to reinvent my own blend of my mother’s pepper sauce during quarantine as a way to connect with home, and to celebrate and honor the life of my mama.”

Jah Mama is backed by investors including Electric Feel Ventures, Talent Resources Ventures, Chetrit Ventures, and Kygo’s Palm Tree Crew. The brand also has captured the attention of celebrities, including supermodel Bella Hadid, singer Pharrell Williams, fashion designer Virgil Abloh, music producer Benny Blanco and rappers ASAP Ferg and Buddy.

The product is available direct-to-consumer online and at select retailers in Los Angeles for $12.99 per 5-oz bottle.

“What makes Jah Mama unique is the Latin Caribbean soul, the story and the celebration of family and culture behind it, not to mention the potent kick of spice that will bring any food to life,” Mr. Landis said.

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