DOMINICAN RHYTHM – Los Rosario: the stories told by them of 7 meringues of their musical whirlwind


A report from Explica.

The Rosario Brothers have animated the Dominican party for 42 years with their danceable meringues. Rafa, Luis and Tony have been part of the creation of true successes that despite the time remain valid and are the most requested at parties.

The Rosaries prepared a special show through their social networks to entertain the public with their music on the occasion of the quarantine so that their followers do not stop moving the skeleton.

During the broadcast on Friday of their “live concert”, the brothers were describing some of the themes that marked their career and here we present seven of the meringues that they defined as punctual within a career that began in 1978 and that over time they developed a rhythmic variant within the meringue, known as “a lo maco”.

The order presented here does not obey any specific criteria and those chosen by them were from the 90s to date, so it is evident that many of the most popular of his long artistic life are not listed here.

“The Owner of Swing”

This merengue was recorded in 1995 as part of their album “Los Owners del Swing”. The oldest of Los Rosario recalled that the entire album was a success and that previously people asked for CDs by number, since none of the digital facilities of today existed.

“People bought a lot of records and asked for each other by number on the radio or in the discotheques and when Francis Rosario left the group in 1994, the women went upstairs to dance with us, wanting to imitate Francis’ movements, so suddenly it occurred to me to say and he has swing and he dances swing. From there we took him to the studio and thus one of the most acclaimed and beloved songs by all was born, women still go crazy with it, “said Rafa.

The song won the “Tropical Song of the Year” award from the Billboard Awards “and was in the top three places in the United States, in addition to being top in the Dominican Republic and other countries. It is one of the most internationally recognized and The video was shot in Venezuela In 2018, in Italy they said goodbye to the year to the rhythm of this unforgettable success that is still one of the most acclaimed meringues at Latin parties.

“Break waist”

In 1997 they recorded the merengue “Rompe waist”, which comes from two different songs, but since Rafa liked them both and could only record one, the arranger used verses from one and the other. Thus was born another of his great successes that has filled the dance floors since it began to sound anywhere.

“Feliz Veloz took me two songs and since I liked them both we talked to Marcos Carrera so that he could get to work on them. Because he liked both songs as well as me, he took verses from one and verses from the other. So The waist-breaker was born. It’s a classic Los Rosario song and women love it, “said Rafa.


Rafa remembered those early years, where an album had to be recorded annually to maintain its validity, since people were very demanding and they always asked them for new music.

“I remember that we were in New York recording in studio 440, and we thought we had the album complete and the record company tells us that a song is missing, so René arrives and tells me to listen to a song he had out there. When I see the lyrics I told him right away that it was a stick, – you have to get your hands on it right away, “said Rafa excitedly at the time.

The Rosarioes called their arranger. At that time it was Marcos Cabrera, to whom the tone was passed through a call, since he was on Dominican soil. After several days the band was already producing one of their memorable meringues: “Fin de semana” “, a meringue that was very successful in Spain in 1998 and then they asked for a Christmas version.


Rafa said that at the end of the 90s they stayed a long time in Puerto Rico and after finishing the album they noticed that they still needed a song to record and out of nowhere René showed him some lyrics and immediately they started working on the arrangements. In this way, “Siento” emerged, the song from his album “Bomba Rosario”, which won several local and international awards.

“When René showed me that letter and I began to read: -with the mountain of this immense love, with the plain of your beautiful belly-, the only thing I said to him was: -Wow what theme, we are going to record that theme and look for Luís Corporán, who was the arranger. The song was nominated for the Latin Grammys and was included in the album Bomba 2000 “, explained the leader of the group.

“I’m going to town”

It is one of his great classics, recorded on the album “Aura”, 2007. This song was written by Cuban Marcelino Guerra and was popular as a result of the fact that in 1944 it was recorded in New York by the legendary Mexican trio Los Panchos, who recognized for his melodious romantic songs from the middle of the 20th century. Luis and René presented the song to Rafa and decided to send it to an arranger, but the leader of Los Rosario did not like the melody and asked his brother to do something more in line.

“I remember saying to him: -Luis is working on that theme, and when he brought it to me I was delighted with the melody. Everyone knows that theme and it is a very beautiful song and wherever we go it cannot be missed. I am leaving for the people.”

“Little Box Nine”

It is another success of the band. Rafa explained that when they showed him “Nuevecita de caja” he was not very excited, because they were doing other things and decided to save it for another time. After a year they decide to go back to the studios and to listen to the merengue again they decided to record it.

“This topic can be a stick, you have to put a subject to this because the message it carries is very social. Little box nine unites lovers, because there are many stories behind it. Although you believe that your partner is old, there is another that see ninety cash, “Rafa jokingly explained.

The merengue won the song of the year award at the Sovereign Awards. Previously it was recorded by the group Braho in bachata version.

“I want you to like me”

This merengue, from 2017, is one of the most recent of the group and like almost all of them, which become successes, this was no exception. Rafa said that with this cut he wanted to adapt to the new times and ride the wave of sound that is perceived in the musical environment.

“It is a simple one for these times because I wanted to do something that was in line with all these new technological advances, with likes, with trends on Instagram, YouTube, and this was how this super-success was born,” said Rosario.

The single won Best Song of the Year at the Sovereign Awards and garnered many international awards. The song also captivated new generations.

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