Anderson “Mr. Blood” Armstrong celebrates Crop Over 2018 artists


Barbados Today reports that veteran entertainer Anderson Mr Blood Armstrong is on a high as he celebrates the achievements of five artistes whose Crop Over 2018 songs were produced at Redhead Productions.

They are newcomers Chrissy D and B Moore Specific, along with veteran entertainers Mac Fingall, The Mighty Grynner and iWeb with whom he is performing a duet.

Speaking to Barbados TODAY on the sidelines of yesterday’s Party Monarchand Sweet Soca draws at the National Cultural Foundation’s West Terrace headquarters, Blood said he was pleased to have the artistes associated with his production label. “I feel really good about the achievement, especially with the Party Monarch. This is something we decided we wanted to focus on and bring back the pace and the energy in the party,” he told Bajan Vibes, adding that he is especially proud of the first-time artistes he had produced for this year. “I am happy for B Moore Specific, Chrissy D, and Ray Dainja although I did not do his production. But I did Mac Fingall’s production and my production with iWeb and the reserve, which is the Mighty Grynner. So, I feel really good about getting those places in the semifinals,” he said.

Zeroing in on his own preparations for the Party Monarch and Pic-O-De-Cropcompetitions in which he has become a staple, Blood said time management was critical, as well as getting adequate rest. “I usually make sure that I get enough rest. Time management is important – make sure [you know] what you have to do for when. The key is making sure that you get enough rest each time. It is usually grueling, as you have to run to this rehearsal and that rehearsal,” he acknowledged, while telling his fans to look out for an energetic performance from himself and iWeb on Phenomenal Friday next week. “Well, you know how I come. I am full of energy and I am hoping that the youngster [referring to iWeb] can keep up. But you can expect that we will put on a super show for the masses,” he said.

In relation to the Pic-O-De- Crop competition, he is confident that the two songs he has entered are winning songs. “I am feeling extremely confident with the material that I have for Pic-O-De-Crop right now. They are going down very well in the tent and I have been getting encores for the two nights that we [referring to the Big Show calypso tent] have been open thus far.

“I anticipate that it will only get better as I have slowed down the second song so it could really sink in. I think that it is a pretty strong song and when I look at both songs, I cannot say that I have a first song and a second song.  I can say that I have two first-place songs,” he remarked.


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