Edge Zones Presents 5th Miami Performance International Festival (M/P’16)


Edge Zones presents the fifth annual Miami Performance International Festival (M/P’16). Founded in 2012, this year’s festival will be held between June 23 and June 26, 2016. The festival is curated by Charo Oquet, with co-curator Janese Weingarten.

Description: M/P ’16 will be an intense and stimulating week where dozens of local, national and international artists will perform new and exciting work.

M/P ’16 is concerned with the limits of visual and living arts and the performance space. The festival is exclusively dedicated to performance art, an artistic form that uses language and movement to transcend traditional borders and dichotomies. The program of performance art is accompanied by sound art, noise, video screenings, talks and workshops. M/P ‘16 is a tremendous opportunity for the public to come face-to-face with the breadth and depth of performance art and offers visceral and challenging works by renowned, mid-career and emerging artists from all parts of the world. This event provides an insight into the creative process across a range of media, and presents cross-disciplinary, collaborative work that speaks to the high level of innovation, critical thinking, and social engagement in Miami. Events are free but availability is limited.

This year M/P’16 has added a Noise Night curated by Chris Donaldson with several guess artists from outside of the Florida.

M/P ’16 is also a much-needed, vibrant networking platform for the art community and brings together the artists from Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe working in the field of performance art. M/P ’16 aims to provide a public platform for remarkable, unusual and engaged performances.

Performance art is primarily concerned with the creation of the ephemeral. The Festival offers the public an opportunity to discover a realm at the edge of artistic disciplines. Unlike theater and dance, M/ P ‘16 performances have no designated areas, but rather remain unconstrained by a traditional stage, dissolving the boundary between the artists and viewers.


6.23.16 1 pm – 04 pm MIAMI BEACH REGIONAL LIBRARY, 227 22nd St, Miami Beach, FL 33139

6.23.16 9 pm – 02 am CHURCHILL’S – 5501 NE 2nd Ave., Miami, FL 33137

6.24.16 7 pm -10 pm EDGE ZONES ART PROJECT, 3317 NW 7th Cir, FL 33127, MIAMI, FL 33127

6.25.16 12 pm – 05 pm MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART – MoCA – Nomi

770 NE 125 Street North Miami, Fl. 33161

6.26.16 1 pm – 04 pm MIAMI BEACH BOTANICAL GARDEN – 2000 Convention Center Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Participating Performance and Noise Artists:

Maria Theresa Barbist | Pip and Duane Brant (MIA) | John Boyce & Briana Zonas (FL) | Dave Brieske (Mia) | City medicine (Mia) |Jason Crumer (philly/Baltimore) | Jan & Dave (MIA) | Destructive bodies (Mia/gvl) | Chun Hua Catherine Dong (China/Canada) | Chris Dougnac (MIA) | Michelle forever |Whit Forrester (Chicago) | Jose Garza | Joan Jiménez (Rep. Dom.) | Tatiana Koroleva (Russia/Canada) | Sergio Mora (MIA) | Johanna Reich | Eduardo Restrepo (Col) | Fedra Roberto (Arg.) | Bryan Rodriguez (Peru/NY) | Maricarmen Rodriguez (Dom. Rep.) | Aleha Solano (Columbia) | J. Soto (NYC) | Wild Torus (NYC) |

Participating Video – Vogage 6 – Caroline Blais: Étoiles (Canada) | Annika Dahlsten & Markku Laakso: Jump in (Finland) | James Duesing: Gray Elegy (USA) |Roberto Fassone: Ball Don’t Lie (Italy) |Rick Fisher: Arcadia (Canada) | Andrew de Freitas: Hội An (New Zealand / Canada / Brazil) | Magda Gebhardt: Atlas (France) | Patricija Gilyte: Tri-Galaxian L4116 (3rd part of the trilogy) (Germany) | Stefan Hurtig: Double Make-Up, or Faces in the Wild (Germany) | Henri Hütt: The moment of now (Estonia) | Linda Lenssen: Limitations of the Unlimited (The Netherlands) | Michael Mallis: The Great Flood (USA) | Roberta Orlando: Come Out Italy, Come Out! (Italia)|Johanna Reich: App of Existence (Portrait of the future artist), (Germany).

[Photo above by Eduardo Restrepo.]

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