Puerto Rican Duo Nina Sky Credit Sisterhood and Family for Success


Puerto Rican-born identical twins Nicole and Natalie Albino — known as Dance and R&B duo Nina Sky — prove that the sky is the limit with their collaborations, independent projects, and countless successes, as Nicole Akoukou Thompson reports in this article for The Latin Post. Their bond and commitment to family has helped to push them toward their dreams.

Raised in Astoria, Queens, the twins got an early start with music. At the age of 7, they co-wrote their first song “Sisters,” and by the age of 15, they’d put their DJ skills to work, performing concerts in clubs. Years later, they’ve taken on multiple genres of music, including Caribbean, pop R&B, reggaeton, Latin and electronic dance. They’ve worked with artists Sean Paul, Major Lazer, N.O.R.E., Betty Wright, Ivy Queen, Rick Ross and Lady Bee. This year alone, Nina Sky has completed a European tour, appeared on Troy boi’s single “Afterhours,” and released “Brightest Gold,” which is an EP described as “a collection of line-blurring R&B tracks” infused with the city that shaped them. Their achievement can be attributed to their talent, as well as their friendship and family.

“Our career has been extremely enhanced by our family, and new additions to our family,” Nicole told Latin Post. “We’re both married. Natalie has a son … and we’re always growing as women. Any of the obstacles that we’ve been through has taught us to be better people, and taught us to overcome. Each obstacle was a learning experience.”

“We’ve always had the same passion — music, as well as a shared love of writing and performing,” Natalie added. “But aside from that, we’re best friends, we’re sisters. So, I think our working relationship is better than lots of other people’s for that reason. It makes it the best working relationship when you have someone who you trust, someone who really has your best interests in mind at all times.”

Throughout their career, the twins released two studio albums “Nina Sky” (2004) and “Nicole and Natalie” (2012), as well as the EPs “The Other Side” (2010) and “Brightest Gold” (2015). Additionally, they’ve produced a number of mixtapes. They also have an unreleased album, “Starting Today,” which they created under hip hop and R&B record label Polo Grounds Music, a label that has housed music by Yo Gotti, Pittbull, Soulja Boy and ASAP Rocky.

The twins are planning to drop an album in 2016, which promises to be electric, edgy and mature.

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