Art Exhibition—“Ebony G. Patterson: Dead Treez”


“Ebony G. Patterson: Dead Treez” will be on view at the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) Ebony G. Patterson: Dead Treez” from November 10, 2015 to April 3, 2016. MAD is located at 2 Columbus Circle, New York, New York. The show was curated by Karen Patterson.

Description: Dead Treez is a monographic show by Jamaican artist Ebony G. Patterson, who splits her time between Kingston, Jamaica and Lexington, KY.  Incorporating a wide variety of media, Patterson embellishes tapestries, sculptures, and paintings to talk about visibility in terms of class, gender, race, and the media. Her highly embellished, almost illuminated images and objects are intended to attract and seduce the viewer, challenging them not just to look, but to see.

For Dead Treez, Patterson assembled six eye-popping tapestries adorned with glitter, silk flowers, and rhinestones, plus a life-size figural tableau of 10 male mannequins, dressed in a kaleidoscopic mix of floral fabrics. Meant to present a complex vision of what it means to be male in contemporary Jamaican culture, the mannequins are a meditation on dance hall fashion and culture, regarded as a celebration of the disenfranchised in postcolonial Jamaica. Placing in stark contrast what masculinity is, Patterson’s mannequins exhibit an effeminate style that operates to challenge traditional Jamaican expectations for manhood, while her tapestries depict murder victims (as sourced through social media) embellished to seduce viewers into witnessing the underreported brutality experienced by those on the lower rungs of the socioeconomic ladder. [. . .]

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