Curaçao’s Tera Percussions expands by making high-quality congas

Tera Percussions congas 2

This post by Peter Jordens is a follow-up to our post of one year ago, Curaçao’s Tatiana Saturnino-Felix makes percussion instruments with a special sound.

Notisia360 recently interviewed Tatiana Saturnino-Felix of Tera Percussions in Curaçao about the first ‘conga’ drums that she has made and which her famous Grammy-winning husband, Pernell Saturnino, played for the first time during the 2013 Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival (CNSJF). The conga is said to be the most used percussion instrument worldwide and now Curaçao can also be proud of producing its own high-quality congas.

A few months ago the idea was born to make congas so that Pernell would be able to launch them during his CNSJF 2013 performance with his band featuring Puerto Rican saxophonist Miguel Zenon and drummer Tony Escapa. Indeed Tatiana, together with her ‘dream team’ of Judy Daf and Sabina Evertsz, managed to finish the congas one day before the start of the Festival.

The moment that Pernell announced on stage that it was his wife Tatiana who had made the congas, the crowd got emotional and began to chant “Tera Percussions! Tera Percussions!” Pernell then started a solo on the congas so that the crowd could appreciate how they sounded.

Tera Percussions congas

Many musicians who came to Curaçao for CNSJF 2013 visited the local ‘headquarters’ of Tera Percussions. One of them was Colombian harpist Edmar Castañeda who bought a ‘bongo cajon’ and now proudly promotes Tera Percussions when and wherever he travels. The musicians who tested Tera Percussions’ new congas were all impressed and had only positive comments about them.

In fact, the congas have had such an impact that two American companies have now approached Tatiana and Pernell because they are interested in distributing the Curaçaoan congas in the US market. Tera Percussions will soon try to open their own store in New York City.

Pernell Saturnino CNSJF 2013

International musicians like Paquito d’Rivera, David Sánchez, Edmar Castañeda, Tony Escapa (Ricky Martin’s drummer) and Brandon Coleman (pianist of Babyface and Alicia Keys) and Dutch singers Giovanca and Shirma Rouse support Tera Percussions all the way. The instruments of Tera Percussions have already been used on CD recordings by, amongst others, Germany’s WDR Big Band, Chick Corea (his latest CD called ‘The Vigil’) and Giovanca (her new CD called ‘Satellite Love’).

Fans of Tatiana and Pernell were able to follow the making of Tera Percussions’ first congas through pictures and video clips posted on their Facebook page. The whole production process has been caught on film and this ‘documentary’ will soon be made available.

For the complete, original article (in Papiamentu), go to The pictures are from Tera Percussions’ FB page.

For more information about Tera Percussions, visit them on Facebook or at or watch their videos on YouTube, like this short one from CNSJF 2013:

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