Call for Papers: Edge Zones Art Projects

Edge Zones Art Projects is now accepting papers on Caribbean Performance for the first annual Miami Performance International Festival 2012. The deadline for submissions is April 1, 2012 (EST). Selected artists will be notified on May 1, 2012.

Opening July 26 and closing July 29, 2012, Miami Performance, which is part of Edge Zones’ 5th Edition of “Art of Uncertainty” series, seeks to highlight a large range of artistic practices and styles through works produced for the program as well as talks, lectures, workshops and screenings and draws upon the rich local and international cultural landscape to present leading contemporary performance and installation artists.

This year’s Festival, Miami Performance 12 (MP12) will partner with Miami’s innovative arts and cultural organizations to produce a lively dialogue through different disciplines working and thinking together. Bringing together artists from around the Caribbean and from around the world, will create a an exciting cultural atmosphere producing crosspollination and think tanks where ideas can be exchange, resources can be shared and produce new connections between artists and organizations provoking thought and stimulate discourse surrounding performance art.

MP12 will present artwork that is time based, transitory, ephemeral or temporary. We are seeking proposals for performance art, ephemeral installations, durational performance, art actions, public interventions, installations, social sculpture, site specific performance, or any other time-based forms.

MP12 encourages appreciation of performance art among the general public we ask visiting artists to present workshops, lectures, artist talks, or other forms of discourse. This festival offers four days of performance. Every event will feature different artist groups. The selection of artists will be through curatorial invitations as well as through a call for proposals.

Miami Performance 12 will include public performances, workshops, screenings, lectures and conversations. Up to five days of accommodation for Miami Performance 12 has been conceptualized and programmed by Charo Oquet, founding director of Edge Zones Art Projects, Miami.

In order to apply for the Miami Performance 12, you must submit a link to online work samples. Please submit website, blogs, or videos on vimeo. The application form can be found at and

2 thoughts on “Call for Papers: Edge Zones Art Projects

  1. I was spotlighted in underground zines with my Luhey doggy doodles in the 1990’s. I’m not sure if you’d like me to mail you several new ones in 2012 that i’ve completed. I’m not necessarily launching a comeback as an amateur artist. But, if you need my work I’d be honored to be part of your zine.
    Best wishes to you with all your publishing activities.
    T.R. Miller

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