Dominican NBA player marries former Miss Universe

Al Horford, a Dominican basketball player for the Atlanta Hawks, and his girlfriend, the singer and ex-Miss Universe Amelia Vega, were married on Christmas Eve in an intimate ceremony with their families, the Sun Times reports said.

The ceremony was held at the home of the singer’s uncle and aunt, the famous Dominican singer-songwriter Juan Luis Guerra, and his wife, Nora Vega de Guerra.

The report said the marriage came as something of a surprise because the newlyweds had not previously ­confirmed their ­engagement, and because few among the guests even knew they were going to a wedding.

Local media said the ­ceremony was simple but emotional, attended only by the couple’s parents, aunts and uncles, grandparents and other close relatives. The two tied the knot on Christmas Eve because the NBA’s 2011-2012 season began on Sunday after being shortened due to a lengthy lockout.

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