(art absolument) Announces New Issue on Caribbean Art

The art journal, (art absolument)—which specializes in news (in French and English) about artists, events, galleries, exhibitions, and publications in the world of contemporary art around the globe—announces its new issue on Caribbean art. Entitled “Art Caribéen: L’Heure de la reconnaissance” [Caribbean Art: Time for Recognition], the new issue will focus on contemporary Caribbean art. As of yet, we have no news of the full content, but its cover art features a stunning piece by Ebony Patterson.

(art absolument) was founded in May 2002 by writer Pascal Amel and art amateur and contractor Teddy Tibi. It discusses the “aesthetic shock” felt for various cultures’ artistic heritage, as well as the links between the art of the past and today’s [as its subtitle indicates, “L’Art d’hier et d’aujourd’hui”]. It also addresses plurality and diversity of French artists and those residing in France. In this venue, “artists, along with writers and art critics are accorded free speech; curators are invited to express their point of view, as well as collectors exposing the work at the heart of their concerns. (art absolument) combines culture with values, sharing, and recognition of the others’ specificity: an editorial preference off the beaten path.”

For more information, see http://www.artabsolument.com/en/product/index/index/1//les-numeros-d-art-absolument.html

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