Silvio Rodríguez urges Cuban authorities to allow Juanes concert


Cuban singer Silvio Rodríguez has urged the relevant authorities in his home island to allow a concert-for-peace proposed by Colombian Singer Juanes, who has requested permission to sing this coming Tuesday at the Plaze de la Revolución in Havana. Speaking to Radio Rebelde just before leaving Cuba for a series of concerts in Paraguay and Ecuador, he “urged the Cuban authorities to allow the concert to take place.” Juanes, winner of five Latin Grammy awards in 2008, enjoys great popularity in Cuba.

Rodríguez’s concerts in Paraguay and Ecuador will be free and open to the public in recognition of these being his first visits to these countries. He will perform with his wife, the flutist and clarinetist Niuka González, percusionist Oliver Valdés, and the Trío Trovarroco, with Rachid López (guitar), Maykel Elizarde (playing the tres), and César Bacaró (bass).

2 thoughts on “Silvio Rodríguez urges Cuban authorities to allow Juanes concert

  1. Juanes it was a verry good concert
    it was like you have saying a stap in the good direction for peace in the hole world

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